On November 22, we held another one of The Baash Masterclasses in Stockholm – a series of events where aspiring female entrepreneurs can learn essential business skills from industry experts. This time, we partnered with Venture Cup Sweden – a nonprofit organization that strives to connect people with ideas to experts and the crowd, and to ignite the creation of new businesses in Sweden. Our attendees got practical, hands on advice from Olivia Ekmark, who is an entrepreneur and business developer herself.

Olivia walked us through the history of Venture Cup and their competition for aspiring entrepreneurs and shared her personal experiences as a young, female business owner.  Since this Masterclass was focused on pitching, we all got to learn about the NABC method used by Stanford University. It’s a simple model that allows you to better define your value proposition and to quickly evaluate new innovations. Simply address the following questions in your pitch:

N- Need: What problem or need does your idea solve? Who are your customers and how big is the problem/need for them?

  • Approach: What is your solution to the problem/need and what is unique about it?
  • Benefits: What are the benefits of your solution to the customers?
  • Competition: Why is your solution better than competing solutions and other alternatives?

What are some other key points you need to include to make sure your pitch will stand out? Most importantly, you want to grab your audience’s attention- start with a teaser, maybe a shocking statistic or a piece of information, something your potential customer or investor hasn’t heard about yet? Make sure to close your pitch with a call to action– do you want your potential customers to go to your page and sign up for more information? Or maybe you know exactly what you need from your investors and what you can offer in return? If you include all this information and describe your great idea- your pitch is the recipe for success!

After getting some valuable advice from Olivia, our attendees had the opportunity to practice pitching in front of an audience.We were all equally impressed with their innovative ideas and confident presentation. “The women participating were truly brilliant and I think we all felt super inspired by each other”, Olivia said after our Masterclass. “I’m pleased I could encourage all of the participants to get up on stage at the end of the event giving their pitch in front of everyone!

If you want to find out more about the female entrepreneurs we are supporting, check out our #BaashGirl series on Instagram ! We feature inspiring women that we had the pleasure of meeting at our events who are currently running their own business or launching soon. The pitches we heard during our last Masterclass have definitely set the bar pretty high ! Rendez-vous at Sweden Demo Day to witness how awesome those startups pitches are !





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